How STC Helps Professionals

Why Join STC?

That’s a great question, and we have a few good answers. STC helps professionals in a variety of ways:

STC Helps Professionals Keep Up with Evolving Trends and Technologies

STC helps professionals with continuing education and networking opportunitiesWe all know that we work in a diverse, constantly evolving field. The tools, technologies, and methods required to create the multitude of technical communication deliverables vary tremendously depending on the industry, company, and time period.

Some of the tasks we perform might include:

  • Writing documentation as user guides or books in word-processing software applications such as Microsoft® Word® or Adobe® FrameMaker®.
  • Using online tools such as wikis, Help authoring tools (HATs), or content management system (CMS) software.
  • Working with developers to create application programming interface (API) documentation.
  • Collaborating with Agile scrum teams to create documentation in sprint development cycles.
  • Creating videos, podcasts, and graphics used to support technical communication.
  • Improving product usability as user experience (UX) professionals.
  • Developing training materials and tutorials.

And we do all of this as contractors, full-time employees, or freelancers. We work onsite, in remote locations, or on the road.

No one understands the mutual demands of those who need technical communication and those who create it better than the members and management of STC.

The Arizona Chapter provides ongoing educational opportunities for professionals, students, and those who support them. 

STC Helps Professionals Network With Each Other

It never hurts to know someone who can help you with your career goals.

Many of us got started as technical communicators because someone believed in our abilities and recommended us to a hiring manager, an employer, or a recruiter.

Participating in our workshops, meetings, and social events may connect you to others who can help you with your career goals.

An STC Membership Means Something to Employers

Including your STC membership on your resume tells employers that you care about continuing education, and that you are willing to put in the extra time, effort, and financial investment required keep improving your skillset.

Participating in our workshops and webinars will increase your value to your current or prospective employers and clients.

Companies need technical communicators who can help drive new ideas and improve current practices, which ultimately increases their profitability.

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