STC AZ Contest for Students

Opportunity Is Knocking!

Attention students! We're having a contest! And what a great way to solve post-finals boredom. We need a flyer or brochure that we can post on our website and print for handouts.  

STC AZ Brochure

The prize is one year of free workshops, (January through December 2020), and your flyer or brochure will be published on our website. To learn more about or workshops, see our Meetup site or our event calendar.

To qualify to enter, you must be a college student (students graduating in December 2019 qualify).

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Use your favorite software applications to design a 1–4 page flyer or brochure on "The Benefits of Being an STC Arizona Chapter Member." To learn more about our chapter, you can:
  2. Of course, make sure any images (photos, clipart, and so on) are licensed or free for website and print use, and please do not copy and reuse (plagiarize) any text from any other sources other than the STC AZ website. (We encourage that and would be honored if you reuse our text.)
  3. Submit the flyer or brochure by December 21, 2019 with your registration information in the form below.

We will notify the winner by December 31.

Registration Form

Opportunity is Knocking Contest