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  • On the Cover
    I wanted to recreate a Matrix vibe, but I wanted to do something a little simpler. I used the “1’s” and “0’s” to symbolize binary code with “Transcend” and “Media” in green as an homage to The Matrix. I wanted there to be a combination/clash of media, and I purposely… Read more »
  • Review of Four Books on Content Strategy
    By Kit Brown-Hoekstra and Alyssa Fox, Guest Reviewers Introduction For this special issue on content strategy, we selected several books that examine different aspects of content strategy and that would appeal to both novice and expert content strategists. Richard Rumfelt’s book, Good Strategy, Bad Strategy, takes a look at corporate… Read more »
  • Introduction to Special Issue on Transmedia, Participatory Culture, and Digital Creation
    By David Wright, Daniel C. Reardon, and Edward A. Malone In its broadest sense, transmedia refers to projects that combine several media platforms. More specifically, transmedia has evolved into a heuristic for understanding the digital spread of a single idea into multiple iterations of that idea. Through digitization, media consumers… Read more »
  • Recent & Relevant
    By Lyn Gattis The following articles on technical communication have appeared recently in other journals. The abstracts are prepared by volunteer journal monitors. If you would like to contribute, contact Lyn Gattis at “Recent & Relevant” does not supply copies of cited articles. However, most publishers supply reprints, tear… Read more »
  • Next-Gen Résumés: A Case Study of Using Transmedia Storytelling to Create Personal Branding on LinkedIn
    By Lynn B. McCool Abstract Purpose: The focus of this article is to examine how professionals may be adapting the once-stable résumé genre to a next-generation (next-gen) iteration of this genre by using multiple media to create and sustain personal branding. Method: Using a qualitative case study methodology, this research… Read more »
  • “Don’t Be a Dilbert”: Transmedia Storytelling as Technical Communication during and after World War II
    By Edward A. Malone Abstract Purpose: My goal was to determine whether the U.S. Navy’s “Don’t Be a Dilbert” aviation safety campaign during World War II was a fully developed example of transmedia storytelling and whether it could be used as an illustration of transmedia storytelling in technical communication. Method:… Read more »
  • The Participatory Culture of Technical Communication in Online Gaming Communities
    By Carly Finseth Abstract Purpose: Games-based technical communication is created both by and for gamers within the virtual space(s) in which most of these games (and players) exist. The lines between the real and virtual blur as gamers create documents across various modes and genres. This study looks not just… Read more »
  • Memetic Variation in The Whole30: Understanding Content Consistency in a Transmediated Nutritional Program
    By Carleigh Davis Abstract Purpose: The goal of this article is to understand how and why content relating to a popular nutrition program, the Whole30, is taken up or discarded when shifting between producer- and participant-controlled media. Method: This article utilizes memetic rhetorical analysis to identify interface- and content-specific memes… Read more »
  • Communally Designed Deception: Participatory Technical Communication Practices in an Amateur Game Design Community
    By Alisha Karabinus and Rachel Atherton Abstract Purpose: As it is often difficult to study professional game design practices from a technical communication perspective, this exploratory study seeks to discover accessible alternatives in amateur communities engaged in participatory design. Methods: Using an exploratory, mixed methods single-case study model, we analyzed… Read more »
  • The Transmedia Workbench: Technical Communication and User-Driven Innovation
    By David Mueller Abstract Purpose: Emergent cultural and technological developments are actively involving users not just in how technology is understood and utilized but also in how it is produced and what its capabilities might be. From the perspective of technical communication, this direct involvement is enacted across networks of… Read more »
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