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Have a talent or skill that you’d like to share? We’re always looking for volunteers. We are currently looking for help with the following positions:

  • Social activity director: Schedule and coordinate picnics, happy hours, etc.
  • Social media/communications director: Work with other volunteers to update the chapter social media sites and provide ideas for using social media networking effectively.
  • College Rush events liaison: Work with Arizona colleges to schedule and manage college Rush events.
  • Sponsorship director: Develop and implement a strategy for effectively soliciting corporate sponsorships.

If you are interested in volunteering in any capacity, contact one of our officers.

Current Volunteers

We’re very grateful for the time and effort contributed by the following people:

  • Mary Browning: Chapter webmaster
  • Terri Thorson: Membership director
  • Alan Vickers: Media director

Thank you very much, volunteers!